The safety of an event and its attendees should be at the forefront of consideration for any event organiser. Therefore it is important to have reputable security company that can implement a robust security plan to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for event attendees.

According to Eventbrite’s 2018 Pulse Report, event organisers spend the least on security in their budget;

With the UK National terrorism threat level being SEVERE meaning an attack is highly likely, this is not good practise, employing the right SIA approved security contractor will reduce the chances of your event becoming a target.

To ensure that your event is properly secure, we’ve listed five event security musts.

1.Choosing an Appropriate Venue

When choosing a venue, the event organiser needs to carry out your due diligence. It is important that the event organiser complies with Health & Safety legislation. Choosing the right venue will ensure all hazards have already been assessed, removing and/or minimising hazards will reduce the likelihood of any accidents or incidents happening at your event. Additionally, well organised venues will have emergency procedures in place, therefore in the event of any unplanned or unforeseen circumstance, the event organiser can be rest assured they will be well prepared for the prevention of the injury or loss of life. Alternatively if the venue you chose does not risk assessments or emergency procedures in place a good security contractor can assist the event organiser put it in place.

2.Conduct A Thorough Security Assessment

Conducting a security assessment will identify any weaknesses and/or threats at your event. This is a positive and proactive measure, by implementing this method will ensure any identified weaknesses and/or threats can be reduced or removed pre-event. A generic security assessment will not cater to every event as weaknesses and threats are dynamic they continuously change event to event. Devising a security plan based off the findings of the security assessment will ensure safety.

3.Brief Your Team

As a event organiser you have to brief your team so they are aware of their role, responsibilities and what is expected before the event begins. It is important that your team know their duties and they understand the emergency procedures so they are best prepared in the event of any emergencies, also having a well-informed team will be helpful as a simple explanation can de-escalate in a conflict situations. Your team will play a huge part in the success of the event.

4.Screen Guests and Staff

Screening guests and staff is best practise for any event, a proper guest screening goes a long way in ensuring that only authorised guests gain access to the event. Event security officers at the entrance can assess the suitability of attendees refusing entry to undesirables. In addition to this security officers will deter and prevent attendants who want to bring prohibited and/or illegal items.

5.Hire A Professional Security Agency

There is no shortcut to success, cost cutting often results in unsafe events and accidents, it is always best to have a professional experienced agency take care of your security. Event security agencies like us can help with all the above as well as create security an effective plan way ahead of your event, even down to setting perimeter security (with or without fences and gates), monitor your event and properly deal with any security problems during the event.

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