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Top Tips to improve Warehouse Security

For many businesses, warehouses are a vital component of their operation. They can function as storage space or transport hubs, so keeping them secure is always a top priority. Here are the most essential tips for ensuring your warehouse remains a secure environment...

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Travel Savvy: How to stay safe in hotels

Over a number of years, and having experienced an even greater number of hotels, we have come up with some simple but highly effective tips for ensuring that you and your belongings are safe and secure when travelling for business or pleasure. These are things that...

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How to secure your showroom

If your business has a showroom or storefront, you will most likely be dependent on it to demonstrate what your products can do, display your goods in the best, aspirational way and ultimately draw customers in. Showrooms need to look their absolute best in order to...

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Safeguarding Schools: Going the extra mile

According to a recent article in The Guardian, pupils appear to be the leading cause of violence in schools and one in four teachers say they experience violence, in some form, every week of the school year. And unfortunately, that is just the beginning. There are...

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Airport Security: Ensuring a safe flight

Worth the Hassle Security measures at airports can often be a source of frustration for travelers, who do not always handle the waiting and searching very well. They can become abusive towards security staff and then wonder why it takes so long to get through the...

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Protecting the Public from Terror

No one expects to get caught up in a terrorist attack, and the chances of it happening remain very low.  However, they are an unavoidable threat to the modern world and it is worth considering how we can keep public spaces safe and reduce the chance of an attack...

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Night Security: Keeping Your Construction Site Safe

It is vital to keep your construction site safe and secure after hours if you want to avoid costly disruption. Those who are unauthorised can potentially gain access to your site with the sole intention of trespassing for malicious purposes. The site owner has a duty...

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How to Stay Safe at Pop Concerts

Music concerts can be great fun, especially for children excited about seeing their favorite pop star. But with such a high profile event, drawing so many people to one place, you need to ensure that you look after yourself and stay safe so that the experience remains...

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Why Hire A Private Security Firm?

Statistics show that crime is on the rise and that no residential or commercial building is safe from burglars and vandals including those that are equipped with the latest security systems. Criminals are not only one step ahead of policy and security system...

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Private Security: Making the Right Choice

The security industry has progressed tremendously over the last few decades, however, the available systems still cannot outsmart the criminals that soon figure out how to "crack" even the most sophisticated technology. Trained professionals who are physically...

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How to be a top concierge

A concierge should be people-oriented to the highest degree, providing the most delightful and memorable experience to anyone who requires their services.  Whilst these professionals are traditionally found in hotels, a concierge can provide a sense of luxury and...

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Secure On Site Private Security Services Ltd (t/a Secure On Site Security) currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Door Supervision and Security Guarding Services

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