Our customer orientation and dedication to customer service is well documented but what are the ways businesses can begin to approach it?

There are numerous ways but the key is to bring the customer into the decision making process and integrate them with the service offering. This is the approach Secure On Site takes through comprehensive documents called ‘Assignment Instructions’.

These are company profiles that include the key features and security requirements of that business. They are put together with the cooperation of the lead security officer and the allocated head office representative from Magenta and the customer to ensure that we understand the business and its needs fully before putting together a bespoke security offering for them.

Other methods used include:

  • The provision of dedicated customer service managers who deal with customer accounts. These managers are accessible at all times and run weekly meetings to ensure everyone involved with the account is aware of any new developments in relation to the customer.
  • Service Level Agreements – a ratings system that is reviewed on a regular basis by Secure On Site and the customer. It allows customers to give Secure On Site a rating as to how they believe we are performing against their expectations across 25 different criteria.

A customer orientation means that the customer is at the heart of your business strategy – exactly where they should be.

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