Hiring a security guard has several benefits to all aspects of your office/building security. At Secure On Site Security (London) our highly trained guards have years of experience in the corporate security sector.

Uniformed Security guards provide a visible deterrent on your property and provide effective protection for your building and your staff & visitors.

Corporate Office buildings need to think about having security staff employed on site. Security guards manning office buildings are trained in building management and can control who is entering the building and who is leaving the building throughout the day and night. Signing in visitors and making sure visitors are meant to be in the building is a key factor in keeping the building secure. Even details down to walking employees to their vehicles if they happen to work late make staff and visitors feel safe and secure. Security Guards can also prevent vandalism both inside and outside the building, and of course keep the car park and vehicles secure. Our staff are professional and customer service driven and trained to fit in to an office/corporate place of work to ensure the highest quality service.

Also Warehouses and industrial units are also hight targets for theft and vandalism to commit. And as these businesses are generally in quieter unpopulated estates it’s instantly a target for criminals. A security guard can help keep the site safe and ensure all areas are locked and secure keeping unauthorised persons from entering the property. Security Guards can also patrol the area and create a deterring presence in the area. Security personnel can also keep a log of all suspicious activity each night and report any danger or suspicious activity to the police.

So in summary below are 4 key points to consider when thinking about security for corporate buildings and offices:

1. Feeling safe and secure at work

Employing a security guard at your business/building can provide business owners, employees, customers and visitors with a sense of security whilst onsite.

2. Crime Prevention

Having a security guard onsite in your place of business is a great way to deter any crime from your place of work, These days having a security system alone just isn’t enough.

3. Quick Response

Depending on the level of training and experience a security guard has will determine how they respond to crime. While one might record the details of the crime and pass it to the police, another may have the authority to detain a suspect until police arrive on scene.

4. Business Representation

Security Guards are also extensively training in Customer Care this is especially useful for manning a front desk, this means your hired security are often first person to represent your company/building.

Uniformed Security a massive plus-point for businesses and the property they reside in. Here at SOS we strive to protect whats important to you and your business properties. Get in touch today  today for a free consultation!

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