Licensed venues generally have an admission policy which stipulates the entry requirements into the venue. The admission policy is normally created by the venue owner, manager and/or designated premises supervisor.

The admission policy consists of statutory legislation and venue rules. For example it is illegal to permit entry to a customer who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or venues have a specific dress code policy for example no sport shoes.

SIA Door Supervisors are employed to enforce the admission policy and venue rules. Door supervisors are required and expected to do this in a fair and friendly manner. 

The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against any person on the grounds of:

Age, gender reassignment, being married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant or on maternity leave, disability, race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. 

In the Equality Act, sex can mean either male or female, or a group of people like men or boys, or women or girls. Therefore refusing entry to a group of males without a justifiable reason can be considered as discrimination. 

If you think you have been unfairly discriminated against you can:

  • complain directly to the person or organisation
  • use someone else to help you sort it out (called ‘mediation’ or ‘alternative dispute resolution’)
  • Make a claim in a court or tribunal
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