What are concierge services useful for?


Concierge services can be incredibly useful when it comes to running a high demand business. They can be very beneficial to those that could benefit from having somebody assist them with the back ends of running a business and ensuring everything is running seamlessly at all times.

‘Concierge’ isn’t just another word for a personal assistant or hotel assistant. In fact, a concierge is often seen as a stand-in or permanent extension to your team or business that is trained to a very high professional standard.

The popularity of concierge services is beginning to increase within a number of different businesses. Hiring a concierge to help with corporate and office duties such as meeting and greeting or call handling can free up the time of an existing staff member with a heavy workload or cover holiday or sickness absence. Concierges can also be very useful when it comes to events or busy periods.

The use of Concierges for hotels and front of house security is becoming increasingly popular. Hotels can be busy places, and with many people checking in and out at one time it can be difficult to keep on top of things.

A concierge is able to ensure that only authorised people can gain admittance to your building or property in a friendly but authoritative manner, whilst ensuring customers receive the best customer service possible,

Hiring a security concierge could be one of the best ways to decrease the chances of any security breaches and allows staff peace of mind.


We have put together a list of benefits to hiring an SOS Concierge –


  • To cover or free up the time of existing staff –  whether that be staff absence or to help with a busy workload.
  • Our concierges offer a sense of security in a professional, friendly and authoritative manner.
  • All of our concierge’s aim to meet or exceed your expectations in customer service.
  • Professionally presented in either our own or your company uniform.
  • All of our corporate receptionists or concierge are fully briefed on your business and their job role.
  • SOS concierges conduct themselves appropriately and respectably as a member of your staff.
  • SOS provides concierge services for a number of sectors including Corporate and Office, Hotel and Residential buildings.

If your business is interested in what an SOS concierge could do for you, please contact us for a consultation, we would be more than happy to help.

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