What is Manned Guarding?

Within the security industry there are a vast range of protective methods: security hardware such as alarm systems, gates, videophones, for example or cyber security software to name a few. And then there is manned guarding. But what is manned guarding?

As the term implies, this simply means physical guarding by a person (man or woman) and is the most reliable method of securing your building, assets or yourself from external threats.

Why do I need a security guard?

There are many scenarios where a security guard might be preferred to a piece of hardware, like an alarm. A guard patrolling a site is trained to anticipate and divert threats before they occur, whereas an alarm will be sounded once an intruder is already on your premises.

If there is no one immediately present to challenge them, that intruder has some time to do damage to the site or property, take items of value, be aggressive or violent towards people they encounter or at the very least, leave a feeling of vulnerability and fear that comes after a break in security.

Many people choose to have a physical security presence because it offers them absolute peace of mind. For many home owners, it is a reassurance for those who often travel or work abroad, leaving a family at home; for businesses, it means a secure and safe environment for workers and the elimination of problems with vandalism or theft of what can be expensive assets.

1st class protection hands holding wooden houseWhat should I look for when hiring a security guard?

A simple Google search will bring up a long list of security companies offering manned guarding services, which can be overwhelming. But there are a few things you should look for to ensure the company you choose is one you can trust.

* Look at case studies and customer testimonials. If you are still not convinced, ask for more reference from companies or individuals they are working with. This should not be a problem for them to provide.

* Look at their accreditations: if professional bodies, like the SIA (Security Industry Authority), are happy to accredit them then you should be able to trust them too. Remember that it is a legal requirement for all guards to carry an SIA licence but not for a company to be SIA accredited so a company with this accreditation is one officially operating at top industry standards.

* Get in touch. If they are friendly and responsive, that usually bodes well for the kind of service they offer throughout the company.

I can’t afford a security guard

Yes, security can become expensive when you are paying a person or people to do an ongoing job. However, ask yourself what price would you put on your safety and the safety or your family, friends or colleagues? What price would you put on replacing your car or valuables in your home? And what about those items of sentimental value?

Like any service, you can expect different companies to offer any range of prices and it is up to you to shop around and find a company that suits your budget and who you trust to provide a reliable service. You might be surprised to find it is not as expensive as you anticipate, all things considered.

Secure On Site are an SIA accredited security provider. If you are interested to know more about manned guarding and how it could benefit you, why not get in touch: info@secureonsitesecurity.co.uk or via the website: https://www.secureonsitesecurity.co.uk/contact-us

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