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Is refusing admission to a group of males unlawful?

Licensed venues generally have an admission policy which stipulates the entry requirements into the venue. The admission policy is normally created by the venue owner, manager and/or designated premises supervisor. The admission policy consists of statutory...

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The Summer Festival: Keeping it fun and stress-free

Summer in the UK is renowned for being the season of music festivals such as Glastonbury, Download or Creamfields. Attracting around 14 million visitors to the UK and hosting the biggest-selling global music acts across most genres, there will be something to please...

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Back to School: Securing Schools, Colleges, Universities

As the holiday season draws to a close, children will begin to return to school, college or university. We can often take their daily safety for granted: we expect schools to be a safe space for children, and those who work in education will also tell you how...

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Stop and Search: changing the law and changing attitudes

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), co-founded by Iain Duncan Smith, has produced a report that suggests police increase their use of Stop and Search. The report follows what has been a surge in violent deaths in the capital – over 90 this year so far.              ...

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When it comes to hiring a security company: size matters

It is a common assumption that bigger is better. But in business, and especially in the security industry, this is not always the case. Increasingly, larger organisations are favouring small and medium-sized companies to handle all aspects of manned security. Here are...

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Violent Crime on Your Doorstep

It is no secret that London is currently experiencing a worrying crime epidemic; daily news reports indicate that knife crime, armed burglaries and muggings are soaring in London. With a vast security presence across London, Secure On Site receives numerous reports of...

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Apartment Living: Safety in Numbers

Living in an apartment unit provides a unique opportunity to work with your neighbours to ensure the safety and protection of all residents. The Met Police has published some excellent advice, specific to those living in apartment blocks, which we believe would be...

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Guarding Goals: How to get into private security

There are lots of things that attract people to a career in private security. Some people feel a natural inclination towards protecting others; some are looking for a way to apply their physical fitness to something worthwhile; some might find the hours suit their...

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Summer in the City: a tourist guide to staying safe

The sun is here and it finally feels like summer. City centres will be filling up with crowds of people, who seek to enjoy the range of entertainment on offer. It is no surprise that summer is therefore an attractive season for thieves wanting to capitalise on the...

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